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Models and Photographers (Atl area or close)

Keep Nov 6th free if possible, I am working with someone on a great shooting place (major club size, lots of rooms, great studio enviroment)
We are looking at 10am till whenever, full use of the place till around 7-8ish (meaning no issues on wear or setting up lights, backdrops) Cost will be minimal (10-20 bucks, the cover would cost you that alone, without getting to shoot and it helps cover the snacks and drinks) First Come, First Serve. Over the next week alot of you will get e-mail from me or other photographers/models about it. I welcome any input but let's keep it quick and easy, we are looking at a few special guest folks as well (I'm trying for one for photographers, one for models and one for all) and as much shoot time as possible
Nothing in stone, just seems the best time (after Rubberball, SWTWC, Halloween but before the Thanksgiving-thru-Christmas madness)
Let me know if you think you might like to come, here or dtpllc@comcast.net

Crossposted about a dozen spots
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